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Friday, October 03, 2003

World's Largest Cocktail Party

Here, in my fair southern city, we host a little party every year that goes along with a little Ball Game. As it is most years this year's game will be played the first Saturday in November. The RV parking lot for tailgating will open on Wednesday, and the whole weekend is one big party. There will plenty to see and do. Both Dawgs and Gators know how to party, and the game makes a pretty good excuse for a get-together.

So, I was thinking... maybe it would be an opportunity for a regional blogger meet-up. Maybe some area bloggers, or some from outside the area, already have plans to travel to the game, and there are a few of us here in town. Drop a comment or send an e-mail or link back if you're interested, and we'll set something up. How about it Velociman? LomoJunkie? Rogers Cadenhead? Anessa? DeDoc? Pamibe? Frank? JDouglasMurray? Timatollah? Todd @ Sharkbitten? Attaboy? Momma Bear? Scott? Or any of the other Florida Bloggers? How about the Georgia contingent? Acid Man has a thing planned in Dahlonega that weekend, sure you wouldn't rather go see your Dawgs? Kelley? Laura? Dizzy Girl? Anyone else?

Anyway, it's a thought. A couple of hours out of the weekend to meet some other bloggers might be fun.


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