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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Those Peace Loving palestinians

Heres' one reporter's account of her trip to Gaza to cover yesterday's bombing:

I waited for hours to get into Gaza, but once I arrived, I wanted out pretty quickly...

...Wednesday, [the small groups of teenagers and boys] turned menacing -- groping me and grabbing at my backpack. When my interpreter and I yelled at them, they didn't back down, and as I was interviewing a witness, someone behind me kneed the back of my legs -- hard.

We retreated to a garage and began asking the owner if he had seen the bombing. As we talked, the other American journalist who was with the driver called. The driver, we learned, was standing on top of the car roof trying to disperse a crowd encircling the car.

This was about the time the rocks started flying in our direction. My interpreter and the other Palestinians we were talking with motioned for me to hide in the garage, since it seemed a mob was coming specifically for me.

From the back of the garage, I could see some in the crowd heaving fist-size rocks. Then the people in the garage hustled me inside a bathroom to hide. I couldn't see but continued to hear the banging of rocks against the walls and garage equipment.
Sovereignty over a second palestinian state will cure this?


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