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Friday, October 03, 2003

Maid or Slave?

Does an employee need to escape from a locked apartment? What do the moral relativists say about this kind of human rights?

An expatriate maid died while another was seriously injured in separate attempts to escape from their Saudi sponsors in Makkah.

The first maid lost her life while she was trying to escape from her sponsor’s locked fourth floor apartment. She attempted to abseil from the window by tying several bedsheets together while the sponsor and his wife were away.

But the knots were not strong enough to hold the woman and the baggage she was carrying on her back and she fell several stories onto the sidewalk and died instantly...

...Runaway maids have become a frequent problem for Saudi employers. Many maids escape with their employer’s valuables.

The increase of cases in the past few years has variously been attributed to sexual harassment and beatings from the employers, long working hours without days-off, as well as the maids’ lack of Arabic or inability to operate various household gadgets.
Do they hire people they cannot communicate with and who cannot do the job, or are they enslaving them?


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