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Sunday, September 21, 2003

They can't govern themselves...

With the way Hamas is running things in Gaza and the PA refusing to confront the terrorists, what kind of country would be created? Is anyone ready to take responsibility for governing them? It's insanity to speak of a new state in the present circumstances.

The PLO/PA is being run by a bunch of terrorist thugs. Hamas and Hizbollah, and a variety of lesser gangs, competing to be the head Jew Killers… How can we even think about sovereignty for that gang?

The police had the audacity to arrest somone from Hamas and the response is....

"I was sitting outside my home when a yellow minivan pulled up," he recounted. "Three masked men carrying rifles and pistols got out of the vehicle and ordered me to get in. When I tried to resist, they hit me with the butts of their guns. They told me, 'You are a collaborator.'"
Sheikh's brother and mother, who were present at the scene, first thought that the kidnappers were undercover soldiers. He was blindfolded and bundled into the car, where three more armed men were sitting.

"They started beating me all over the body and I was bleeding non-stop," he added. "I was severely wounded in the eye and forehead." Sheikh said the kidnappers drove him to an undisclosed location, where he was held until Friday noon.

He said that all this time he was subjected to various methods of torture. "They beat me with chains, clubs, and pipes," he said. "I wasn't able to sleep for two days because of the pain. They told me, "You and [PA Security Minister Muhammad] Dahlan are traitors and Israeli spies."
Sickening, it's absolutley sickening.


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