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Friday, September 05, 2003

Still More on Hamas

Are the EUnuchs budging?

A decision by the EU to place Hamas in its entirety -- and not just the military wing Izzadin Kassam -- on the terror list must be made by consensus among the 15 member states.

The EU has already placed Izzadim Kassam on the list. Israel, however, argues that Hamas is indivisible, that it launders money through charitable organizations to fund terror, and that Hamas leaders who decide to send money to social services in Gaza on one day, dispatch suicide attackers inside Israel on the next.

According to Israeli diplomatic officials, 12 EU countries seem to be in favor of placing Hamas on the list, with only France, Greece and one unnamed Scandinavian country opposed. The countries leading the efforts to get Hamas on the list include Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy.
The article further reports that the EU is likely to demand some action with some deadline before they make the definitive decision about further financial support to the terrorists. If, as reported, 12 of 15 countries are leaning towards labeling, what is taking them so long? What is the down side of denouncing a terrorist organization and re-directing the aid?

Maybe the EU is starting to come around, but I'm not holding my breath. The Bush doctrine on terror, that "You're either with us or against us" in harboring and aiding the terrorists, is just empty rhetoric... it's just fluff.

Hamas is clearly a terrorist organization, yet we refuse to fight them, we've pressured Israel to go soft on them. I don't get it. They are thugs and criminals with evil goals. It doesn’t matter to me that some of them do some good things, they are still murderous members of a hate group. How many more people will they kill before the world gets serious about stopping them?


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