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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Breaking News: The Road Map is Still Dead

I know there are some who thought it had a chance from the beginning. Others, like me, just wondered how long it would take the Administration to realize it was just another in a long series of failed plans... we're still wondering, but the reality remains: The Road Map offers no hope without Arab cooperation.

Arafat declares," The road map is dead, but only because of Israeli military aggression in recent weeks," one of his Official Spokesmen, the affable, Saeb Erekat, says that the PA stands by the Road Map. "We want the road map to stay on the table, and we want the implementation of the road map," Erekat said. The only reason they want it on the table is that it's a way to wring more concessions out of the Israelis. But for any other practical or idealistic purposes the Road Map is as dead as the recent Hudna.


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