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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

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I've tried for two days to write about the newest victims. I'm numb, I can't find the words to express the anger, fear and hopelessness I feel when faced with the type of hatred that much of the Arab world throws our way. They hate Israel, they hate America, they hate Jews, they hate non-Muslims.... and they continue to kill to prove it.

Death is always celebrated in the streets of Gaza. If Jews have been killed, the celebration is joyous, if Arabs have been killed the celebrations are anger-filled frenzies of pure hatred. They seem to thrive on death and hate. Children are taught that martyrdom is a virtue. Toddlers dressed as suicide bombers are thought to be cute. Murderers are celebrated and their families rewarded... It's a bizarre society. It's a bizarre society that's bent on destroying ours.

We aren't safe in ignoring them. Appeasing them hasn't worked. They've broken every promise they've ever made. Must we continue to absorb their hatred? Must we match their hatred? How many more will die?


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