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Monday, August 18, 2003

What do the EUnuchs Say?

It continues to baffle me why the Brits, as well as the rest of Europe, continue to insist on dealing with Arafat.

McCain, who led a bipartisan delegation of senators and congressmen to Israel and the Palestinian areas, recounted his exchange with Abbas in an interview with The Jerusalem Post editorial board.

"The thing I said is, 'Arafat is undermining you every way he can.' He said, 'that's right,'" McCain recalled.

McCain then asked Abbas about press reports, which say he has no authority over the Palestinian security forces. Again Abbas said, "that's right," and added that he has made bringing them under his control a top priority.

"He didn't say it, but I had the distinct impression that he doesn't feel that he's strong enough to take (the terrorist groups) on."
One reason is probably the weakness of Abbas that has been often commented on, and his timid manner in dealing with the terrorists. As I wonder why the Europeans insist on propping up Arafat, I also have to ask the question, "Why do we insist on propping up Abbas?" Neither is a good option, neither will lead the Arabs to peace. How many more people will die while we play this game?


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