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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Time for Patience and Understanding is Past

The War on Terror needs to include those groups fighting Israel. The palestinian leadership is a sham, they're nothing more than thugs and terrorists themselves and lackey's of the other Arab leaders. As today's column by Ze'ev Schiff points out:

Generally speaking, it is not important which of
the terror groups was responsible for the attack. Whether it was Islamic Jihad - according to an anonymous spokesman speaking on Hezbollah's radio station, Fatah's Tanzim gangs, or Hamas.

The territories are teeming with activity, and despite the hudna, large amounts of cash are being transferred to bribe people into carrying out terror attacks.

Iran is using Hezbollah in Lebanon to transfer funds that reach Islamic Jihad and Fatah militants; funding also finds its way to those organizations from those close to PA chairman Yasser Arafat, who in effect controls (directly
or indirectly) Tanzim's operational apparatus.

Arafat controls the funds that arrive unchecked from Europe. Dahlan's preventive security organization also uses the funds, for the purpose of preventing terror attacks. The Palestinian security minister is getting financial support himself, likely from the American administration, which he uses to buy off Fatah bands and their leaders and pay for their guns, thereby taking them out of the circle of terror.
Arafat =palestinian leader=Abbas=terrorist There will be no peace until one of tow things happen.

Either the Arabs, that is all of the Arab world, wants peace, or the Arabs are utterly defeated. Which do you think is more likely to happen? What can ANY outsider do to convince the Arabs to want peace?


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