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Friday, August 01, 2003

Summer Camp ...update

I hope things are really going to be different this time, as Ariel Sharon says.

Likewise, Sharon said that for the past three years Israel has paid a very high price for overlooking Palestinian violations of the Oslo and Wye accords, including the PA's failure to dismantle the terrorist organizations, confiscate and remove illegal arms, and stop the "unbearable incitement" against Israel in the PA media and educational system.

This time, Sharon pledged, things will be different.
But the unbearable incitement will not stop. Caroline Glick tells us what some of the Israeli Arab children attending PLO camps are doing while their Jewish friends are learning macrame.
At Camp Return, [near a village in the Western Galilee] children are not taught how to make beaded jewelry and popsicle stick houses. They are taught to aspire to kill Jews in suicide bombings.

Saama Vakim, one of the campers, displayed her new necklace to the TV camera. It is a pendant of the map of Israel embossed with a Palestinian flag. She also showed the reporter the "intifada pendant." It included the image of a boy throwing a stone. Saama explained that Jews have no right to live here and should "go back to where they came from to Poland, to Russia."

Rather than learning stories about animals and plants, children at Camp Return are taught tales of the "heroism" of Palestinian terrorists like "the engineer" Hamas bombmaker Yihye Ayyash, who masterminded the murder of over 60 Israelis in suicide bombings before being killed by Israeli security forces in 1996. The children received booklets with "morale boosting" songs and stories glorifying human bombs and their dispatchers who are called "the heroic martyrs."

Their camp songs have lyrics like, "We don't want flour. We don't want sardines. We want bombs, the rule of the bombs." Another ditty the children sing says, "Lift up your head, recognize your holiness. Defeat to Washington. We don't want ID cards [Israeli citizenship]. We will glorify in the blood of the martyr."
This type of incitement must stop according to the Road Map. Until it does there is no chance for peace. I still want to hear, though, someone in the Administration articulate what is going to happen in 2005 when they are forced to recognize that the Arabs have not upheld their end of the bargain. Until someone has the cohones to tell the Arabs that their actions have grave consequences, then there is no hope they'll change.... NONE. Ms. Glick says much more, and don't miss the discussion on the article at lgf.

It appears the camp has been shut down.


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