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Thursday, August 21, 2003

No Real Change

Yeah the Hudna is over.

"Hamas said it no longer felt bound by a three-month unilateral cease-fire it declared June 29 and threatened retaliation. Two days earlier, Hamas had carried out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, killing 20 people, but insisted at the time it was still observing the truce. "We consider ourselves free from this cease-fire," said a Hamas official, Ibrahim Hanieh."
Yeah, right. And the palestinian's do what?
Palestinian leadership called on the United States and the Quartet of the US, the UN, the EU and Russia who drafted and adopted the “roadmap” to quickly intervene to stop the dangerous security and political deterioration, and to send international observers to monitor the implementation of the peace plan.
If only the US would answer part of that request. If only the US would intervene to stop the dangerous security and political deterioration. If only the US had the will to change the Regime in the palestinian Authority, then maybe we could stop this security and political deterioration. But nothing has changed.

Arabs are still killing Jews and fighting to obliterate Israel. Israel continues efforts to protect itself. One of the bigger problems is that the Arabs aren’t playing the same game as we are. Israel is working to live in peace with its neighbors while the Arabs are working for peace without its neighbors, by eliminating its Jewish neighbors. Until the Arabs change there will be no peace. Will they change on their own or be forced to change?

For 55 years we have been waiting for the Arabs to change, we’ve been trying to persuade them to change; instead their hatred grows stronger. How long can we wait for them to decide there is a better way? How many more people will die in this charade before WE decide that we must FORCE them into change? Over and over again, it is the same story. Let's pretend that peace can be had between the Jewish State and those who believe, to their very core, that the Jewish presence in the Middle East must be eliminated.”For 55 years nothing has changed. It’s WAY past time for showing so much patience and restraint.

We are supposedly fighting a war on Terror and the most active terrorists are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa, and Hizbollah. Far from fighting these terrorists we are SUPPORTING them. It’s insanity.

Arno Weinstein:
More important than the physical dismantling of the terror organization is the dissection and destruction of the positions promoted by these terror groups. It should come as no surprise that, by and large, the positions of the terror groups, that is, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, are the same as those held by the Palestinian Authority and the Arab and Islamic nations supporting them. The very same entity with which Israeli leaders now engage in dialogue and talks of the future, are no more than the terror masters themselves. Is it absurd that Israel now deals with those who plan their annihilation? Well, indeed it is, and yet for lack of any better alternative, short of war, that is what they do.

The question must be asked, then: would not war, though horrific, be quicker and more humane than this drawn out bloodletting? Of course, it would.

On a day when terror spread from Baghdad to Jerusalem, the leaders who genuinely understand that the War on Terror is not a silly euphemism meant to represent a spiritual quest, must unequivocally state that war is entered not by choice but by necessity. The War on Terror is just that: a war. What part of "War on Terror" do certain people in the White House, the U.S. State Department or for that matter, the Israeli cabinet, fail to grasp? The more concessions given to the terrorist or their terror masters, the more terror will result. As proof, we no longer need to reach back into history. Take a look at last week's newspaper and rest assured that terror will never end until those who support terror are completely eliminated.
Unfortunately he’s right.


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