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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

More on the other Refugees

In 1941, before the Nazis and Iraqi nationalists colluded to rid the world of Jews, one quarter of Baghdad was Jewish. In 1948, some of those Jews were part of 600,00+ that were tossed out of Arab counries. Richard Z. Chesnoff:

An amazing reunion took place in Tel Aviv the other day. After being separated for 52 years, 79-year-old Salima Moshe Nissim of the southern Iraqi city of Basra embraced her 83-year-old sister, Marcel Madar. Madar had immigrated to Israel in 1951, when more than 130,000 Jews fled Iraqi anti-Semitism. Nissim stayed behind. Now, finally, there she was in Israel, one of six aging Iraqi Jews flown there this week...
His advice to the Arabs about the right of return?
The answer is to learn from the Jews: Care for your brethren, resettle them, improve their lives, live in peace.


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