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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

More Arab Lies

The Headline says, "Jewish Extremists Defile Al-Aqsa Compound." There is even a photo. What is a Jewish Extremist you ask? According to the Arab News its an ultra-Orthodox Jew. And how are these ULTRA-extremists Defiling the compound?...

by their presence.
By the simple fact that they are alive
and breathing
while standing on ground the Arabs declared Holy,
Jews are defiling the place.

Maybe it's an error in translation? Right. This view is nothing new. It's the same trash that Arabs have been spewing since Israel was established, and before. It's an outrage to Arabs that Jews live on land they claim. They need no other reason for fighting than the existence of Jews in their midst.

Israel is established and the Arabs fight. Sharon visits the Temple Mount and the Arabs fight... the only difference is in scale.

And more on Defiling.... a concept the Arabs know a little something about: As the Islamic empire spread, many centuries ago, where did they build their mosques? We know where they built in Jerusalem.

"We are Muslims. Allah said that the mosque is only for Muslims. Why are they coming here? What temple? Where?" said Mouna Kawasmeh, a Palestinian woman who looked askance at visiting Israelis and dismissed their assertions that two temples were built, and destroyed, on the mount in biblical times.
For all the bluster about working for peace, the Arabs continue to be unable to demonstrate that they really mean it.


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