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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Moderate Islam Watch

Need some more information on who our enemies in the War on Terror are? Don't for a minute think they will go away before they are defeated. Intolerant, ignorant and intent on destroying non-Muslim governments and people, their hatred grows. Through lies they teach hate, through hate they survive.

Blair and Bush are still choking on the smoke from the fall out of September the 11th, which (it appears) will inevitably lead to the demise of both leaders of the aptly named 'capitalist' world. However Muslims must be under no illusion that this 21st Century Crusade begins or even ends here, rather the struggle between Islam and Kufr (non-Islam), between the Haq (truth) and batil (falsehood) and between the alliance of God and the alliance of Shaytaan begun with Adam (as) and will continue until the day of judgement. What we see before us is merely the collapse of another evil empire (i.e. the USA) just like the collapse of the empires of Pharaoh, Caesar and Nimrod in the past.
Part of the danger to the US, is our tolerance and collective short memory. Not even two years ago, the thousands who died on September 11, have been forgotten by many. If not forgotten the events have passed into memory as an anomoly, we are becoming complacent, we are assuming the enemy has too. They have not.

In a couple of weeks, while you are remembering the people we lost and the tragic events of September 11, 2001, much of the Islamic world, much of the Arab world will be celebrating.
Two years on then, it seems that during their customary 1 minutes silence in NewYork and elsewhere on September the 11th 2003, Muslims worldwide will again be watching replays of the collapse of the Twin Towers, praying to Allah (SWT) to grant those magnificent 19, Paradise. They will also be praying for the reverberations to continue until the eradication of all man-made law and the implementation of divine law in the form of the Khilafah - carrying the message of Islam to the world and striving for Izhar ud-Deen i.e. the total domination of the world by Islam.
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