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Monday, August 04, 2003

Moderate Islam Watch

Hat tip to Momma Bear. Having lived in Syracuse for over 12 years, I found this story encouraging.

Omid Safi wanted to go the extra mile to make sure his children experienced an Islamic environment. So he and his family made the one-hour drive to their nearest Islamic Center in Syracuse, N.Y., every week, and he enrolled his son in Sunday school there.
Only men were allowed to use the grand main entrance to the mosque. "Women have to use a back entrance right next to the trash dumpster and go down to the basement," Mr. Safi remembers. "It felt fake for me to go through the front door and for my wife to have to use the back entrance. After a while, I could not justify to my conscience continuing to go and sending my children there."

Another site the article points to is: Muslim WakeUp!, which may be another reason for optimism... we'll see.


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