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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Historical Jesus?

First, on the lighter side... Mel Gibson isn't the only one concerned with the Historical accuracy of Jesus. report See: The Real Jesus. Yes, some of you may have seen and heard this before.

AND... In more serious news, the ADL's Director of Interfaith Affairs, Rabbi Eugene Korn, attended a private screening of Gibson's newest film. Among the ADL's comments:

"Sadly, the film contains many of the dangerous teachings that Christians and Jews have worked for so many years to counter," said Rabbi Korn. "This is not a disagreement between the Jews and Mr. Gibson. Many theologically informed Catholics and Protestants have expressed the same concerns regarding anti-Semitism, and that this film may undermine Christian-Jewish dialogue and could turn back the clock on decades of positive progress in interfaith relations."
The inter-faith community has done a lot to counter anti-Semitism. There is a real danger that a powerful film can undo all of that work. Mr. Gibson's popularity and influence could work for the benefit of inter-faith relations thorugh this project. Time will tell how it shapes out, but the worries are real. Hat tip: Protocols


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