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Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Is this the attack that will finally bring consequences? I can only hope, but it won't. We'll see Powell speaking any minute telling us how bombs won't stop the peace process. Ignorant cowards, using Islam as justification, are gleeful as they kill children, ecstatic as they kill the chances for peace. And the other Arabs stand by, smiling contentedly.

Too many Arabs do not want peace. The people in power, the thugs, the princes, the faction leadership... none of them want peace. They're happy because they have something and someone to hate. They're happy because they're fighting. They're happy because Jews are dying and being murdered. They’re happy because Jews are in pain. They care nothing for anyone but themselves and their foolish warped sense of pride.

What consequences do they have to fear? What reason do they have to stop the terror? NONE. Their only reason for a hudna was to rearm without aggressive prosecution by the IDF. If there is EVER to be peace they MUST fear and realize consequences for their criminal behavior. They are not only the enemies of Israel, they are enemies of modern civilization.

Our double standard when it comes to Israel and our unreasonable demands for restraint is sickening. Our continued blind insistence that the Arabs want peace and will work for peace is completely irresponsible.

While Arafat and his cronies enrich themselves at the expense of the people they are supposedly leading, they murder and teach hatred, and we do NOTHING. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to either step aside or to fight the Hamas terrorists as aggressively as we fight the Baathists and Al Queda. It’s time to start enacting consequences for their continued intransigence, but we haven’t even begun talking about them. That must change. The Administration needs a dose of reality in regards to Arab actions.

It’s time for some plain speaking followed up with the conviction that was evident immediately after 9-11. It’s time to step beyond meaningless, diplomatic language… It’s only getting people killed. How many more must die?


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