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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Cold Reality

Dr. Doron Samuell doesn't sound too optimistic, either.

At the height of progress between the Israelis and Palestinians, when Palestinian civil self-rule covered most of their regional population, Prime Minister Ehud Barak made his bold offer of land for peace. A move consistent with a raft of UN positions. Although there are those who will argue that the offer was insufficient, that the offer was undeliverable and was flawed in other respects, it does not explain the subsequent campaign of violence that followed its rejection. Why was violence preferred over a counter offer?

The reason is painfully obvious. As with many conflicts, the creation of a Palestinian state, does not threaten Israel anywhere near as much as it threatens Palestinian terrorist organizations. It is clearly demonstrable that the closer one comes to settlement or progress, the greater the terrorist actions. Anything that threatens peace, provokes more terrorist violence.

Hypothetically, if there was peace in the Middle East, what possible reason could there be for the ongoing existence of terrorist organizations and their infrastructure? A territorial settlement between Israel and her neighbors would spell the death of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, Hamas and others. Any further violence from these organizations would be seen as criminal, rather than ideological violence. It would mean that the leaders of these groups would not enjoy the same power, influence or relevance. Simply put, peace would result in an intolerable annihilation of the terrorist groups. This is why peace is their enemy...

...The conclusions are inevitable. As unpalatable as it may be to civilized, compassionate people everywhere, the apparent 'cycle of violence' will only end when one side defeats the other. This has always been the case.
This is why there will be no peace until the terrorists are utterly defeated... or until they destroy Israel.

Militant Islam = Terror. Too many people are trying to refine that simple equation by defining some sub-groups as non-terrorists, or in trying to make clear distinctions between various groups. Al Aqsa, Hizbollah, Hamas (the political terrorists AND the militant terrorist wings)... there is no real difference between them.

Militant Islam includes secular Muslim terrorists as well as Islamic fundamentalists. They are all enemies of freedom loving, tolerant society, and they all must be defeated. Until they are, the terrorists will keep killing all who oppose them... Even other Muslims. How many more must die before we get serious about fighting them?


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