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Monday, August 25, 2003

Another View

It's uncomfortable for me to agree with Cal Thomas, but this column is spot on.

If the United States cares about reducing terrorism, it will live up to the conditions set down by President Bush last year, especially those concerning the dismantling of terrorism's infrastructure. If the Palestinians won't do it - and they won't because terror is their policy - then the American yoke should be removed from Israel's neck. The Israelis know the location of the terror camps. They should be allowed to take them out.

Anyone who believes that what Israel does or doesn't do has any effect on what the Palestinian side does or doesn't do is self-deluded. American policy is to get the terrorists before they get us. That policy ought to be the parallel track for Israel.
The only criticism I have is I think America ought to join fully with Israel in fighting the terrorists, not simply remove the yoke.


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