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Monday, August 04, 2003

Anger Management

My guess is that most of you that read this blog, also read Imshin's. If not, you should, especially today. The permalink isn't working, so you'll have to scroll for her book review on Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames. She explains her anger is NOT aimed at the palestinians,

As an Israeli I am not angry with the Palestinians. I am far too busy trying to defend myself and make sure I survive. I am angry with the Europeans and left-wing Americans who refuse to accept that Israel is in real danger of annihilation in this region and has a right to defend its citizens and itself from those who would destroy it, by whatever means. I am even angrier with those Europeans and left-wing Americans who refuse to accept Israel's right to exist at all. And most of all, I am angry with myself for being taken in by the Palestinians' promises in the early nineteen nineties that they really meant to put down their arms for all times and negotiate a peaceful compromise with us that would allow us all to live here side by side in peace (Although this doesn't mean I don't think we should keep trying. We should, but carefully).


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