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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Watching Syria

Things in Syria are getting interesting, although it is not getting much press in the US, as our attention is focused elsewhere. As I mentioned below the Syrians are understandably concerned about the Syrian Accountability Act, now before congress which would:

1) A ban on military and dual-use technology exports to Syria;
2) A ban on any financial assistance to U.S. businesses for their investments or other activities in Syria.
3) Also, the President must impose two additional sanctions from a menu of six, including a ban on U.S. exports to Syria, a ban on U.S. business investment in Syria, downgrading the U.S. diplomatic representation to Syria (at present, there is a U.S. ambassador), and travel restrictions on Syrian diplomats in the U.S., and others.
Here is a Talking Points from AIPAC, and a CounterPoints from the Middle Eass Intelligence Bulletin, which concentrates on Syria and Lebanon.

It’s interesting that Lebanese Americans seem to be split in supporting the Act, largely in the details of its enactment, not over whether Syria should end its occupation of Lebanon.

For more goings on in our tempestuous relationship with Syria, see:

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From the Lebanese Star: Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah believes that [US] pressure will not lead to the end of Syria’s role in Lebanon

Bashar Assad is being bullied while aiming ballistic missiles with VX nerve gas warheads at their Israeli neighbors. Who's in charge?

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And for General News from the Syria Times.


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