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Monday, July 21, 2003

I Fear He's Right

From Uzi Landau:

Minister Uzi Landau (Likud), who served in the previous government as Minister for Public Security, said that whatever positive gains Israel is currently enjoying from the hudna - more tourism, less security concerns, etc. - are very temporary and dangerous. "Everything we achieved against the terrorists and their infrastructures in the past two years are now down the drain," Landau said. "They are preparing 1,000 Kassam rockets, and building up terror cells, and digging tunnels, and we can't do anything to stop them... We have been sucked into this hudna, and when we come to the Americans and tell them that the PA has not dismantled the terrorist infrastructure, they'll tell us to calm down. They'll say that we have to strengthen Abu Mazen, make more concessions, and keep on going towards the establishment of a Palestinian state."
And how do you think the Arabs see the new palestinian State?
A large ad in the PA newspaper Al-Ayam offers to help and encourage PA residents who had property in Israel to prepare to sue for its recovery. The ad, sponsored by "The Palestinian Institute for Guidance and Data," which is an organ of the Palestinian Authority, appeared in Saturday's newspaper. "If you would like to reach a successful conclusion [in this matter]," the ad states, "we will stand by your side and help you with facts and pictures." The symbol of the sponsoring organization is a map of "Palestine," without Israel, surrounded by a PLO flag-like emblem in the form of arrows enveloping the land.


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