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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Clash of Civilizations

Ten years later, Samuel P. Huntington speaks of his work on The Clash of Civilizations, and about the situation in the Middle East.

Many Israelis feel that the environment sees them as a different civilization which belongs more to the West, and therefore it doesn’t matter to which border they retreat, whatever remains of Israel will still be viewed as an insult in the eyes of the Muslim world.
This will be true concerning part of the Muslim world, but those of them who are willing to accept the right of Israel to exist after a retreat to the ’67 borders are many. It will be essential that the international community, and in particular the United States, takes measures which will ensure Israel a secure existence. This includes what is now being mentioned in the United States- American soldiers and NATO forces to ensure the stability of Israel and the Palestinians at the same time.
I don't share Professor huntington's optimism in the number of Arabs willing to accept Israel's right to exist, they've had countless opportunities to do that but the vast majority of the Arabs can't even speak it, let alone come to believe it.


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