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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Arabs Ignore Obligations

Once again, Mahmoud Abbas explains that he and the Arabs have no intention of meeting their obligations for the Road Map to Peace.

"Cracking down on Hamas, Jihad and the Palestinian organizations is not an option at all," Abbas said before leaving Egypt to Jordan for talks with King Abdullah II. "We are applying the law which we accepted under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, and that is what we will do." The Palestinian Authority says a crackdown could trigger civil war, while militants warn such a move could nullify a shaky three-month truce in attacks on Israelis.
Why, then is he being rewarded with a visit to the White House? Why are we heaping credibility on his shoulders when he has no intention of cooperating? Why do we think he can change Arab attitudes? Why do we think he wants a peaceful coexistence with Israel? Why do we continue to lap up Arab lies while ignoring the truth in Arab actions?


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