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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Arab Rope-a-Dope

David D. Perlmutter writing in Jewish World Review wonders why none of his hate mail comes from palestinians. I wonder if other pro-Israeli writers have noticed the same phenomenon?

I flattered myself that they don't write because they have no facts on their side with which to contradict the ones I offer: The Palestinian cause is founded on lies, hate, and hysteria.
Indeed, only a handful of Muslims have ever written me, half of them to tell me how right I am that their leaders are duping them into blaming the Jews, Christians, Hindus and America for all their problems. The latter are now friends of mine. They are patriotic Muslim-Americans: They blame Muslim leaders for the problems of the Muslim world; they know that the Palestinian refugee problem was created by Arab leaders seeking to distract their own oppressed people; they love America; and they don't subscribe to ethnic hatreds and conspiracy theories.
It’s the non-Arabs that are being duped, and the Arabs have been particularly skillful at spreading their lies and exaggerations.
Then one of my sensible non-radical Muslim friends told me about his earlier days when he was radical. The group he was a member of instructed other radical Muslims in America to "rope-a-dope." Kiss up to gullible white and black Christian Americans and make friends with them, ply them with sob stories about the plight of the Palestinian people, downplay any radical agenda (like, say, their plan to destroy America) and generally use the dupes as a sort of rhetorical human shield.


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