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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

When are terrorists not a terrorists??

When they're killing Jews. Update: Jeffrey Dunetz agrees.

At least that's what Mr. Bush would have us believe. In excusing Hamas's intransigence while condemning Israel's aggression, he sounded more like George W. De Villepin. Appease the Arabs is the new battle cry.

More on the Road Map from David Warren and why the Road Map will take us nowhere:

Mr. Sharon and Israel will not stop retaliating for terrorist hits. Nor, for that matter, will they be stopped from dismantling West Bank settlements, if they can see the prospect of something in return. In yesterday's case, there was nothing in return: for Mr. Abbas had already declared he wouldn't himself act against Hamas.
The Israelis will make hard decisions, but not suicidal ones, and granting an open season on Jews to Palestinian terrorists would be suicidal.
Although the Arabs are willing to commit suicide as long as they take Jews with them, the Israeli’s are NOT.

The Israelis’ made a PR mistake through the timing of the attack on Rantisi, but the attack was still justified
The Israelis retaliated for the latest terrorist hits on Israeli soldiers and civilians, by attempting to assassinate Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a senior leader of the terrorist organization Hamas. They did this several days after the new Palestinian premier, Mahmoud Abbas, publicly declared that he would "under no circumstances" act against Hamas, and after Hamas itself had publicly pledged to continue terror strikes on Israel. From his hospital bed, Rantisi repeated his call for the extermination of all "criminal Zionists" -- an expression which in the Hamas lexicon means all those Jews not descended exclusively from Arab forebears (who would thus be entitled to "dhimmi" or protected minority status in return for paying special taxes under an Islamic theocracy).
George W Bush has taken a turn that is putting him on the wrong side of the war on terror. Appeasing the terrorists is not in our interest.


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