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Saturday, June 14, 2003

War on Terror?

The President, looking more and more like George W deVillepain, at least is discussing Hamas as a separate organization. Why he can't bring himself to say that they are terrorists and to treat them, and those who harbor them, the way he told us he would, is a mystery.
Caroline Glick makes the same observation:

But in light of the 25 Israelis murdered since last week's summit at Aqaba, and given the fact that both the Palestinians and the US have made clear that fighting terrorism runs contrary to a peace process, Sharon is faced with an unenviable decision. He can either combat terrorism to safeguard our lives and the future of our country or he can enjoy positive relations with the White House. As it is presently formulated, the Bush administration's Middle East policy leaves no room for maneuver.
I just don't understand why the President has backed away so far from his initial stance in the War on Terror. Have the Arabists hijacked the Middle East Policy?


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