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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Road Map Scorecard

According to statistics compiled by the IDF, there were 142 Palestinian terror attacks in the 10 days prior to the Aqaba summit. But in the 10 days immediately following it, there were 154 an increase of almost 10%.
These included shootings, stabbings, bombings, rocket attacks against Jewish communities, and the detonation of explosive devices against civilian vehicles.
Moreover, in the 10-day period before Aqaba no Israelis were killed by Palestinian terror, whereas in the corresponding period after Aqaba, 28 Israelis lost their lives.
Are the Arabs living up to their commitments and obligations? Are they sincere? Are there any consequences for their failures?
NO, they are not meeting their obligations. No they are not sincere. No. There are no consequences for failing to meet their obligations.

Why then, do we continue to expect a change in their behavior? It’s insanity, absolute insanity to expect any progress as long as we continue to act like it doesn’t matter. Actions are the key, our words are almost worthless. Killing, terrorism, and the incitement to destroy Israel and “reclaim” land will continue unabated as long as we let it. How much longer are we going to allow it?


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