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Monday, June 02, 2003

Random Thoughts from a News Free Weekend

* 3v3 Soccer is a great game to watch. The games are action packed, fast, and with 12 minute halves and 2 minute half time breaks, they're over in a hurry...

* Fortyish Soccer Moms were drooling over some of the adult team players, young, fit, nice looking..... Soccer Mom's overheard Quote of the Day: "I'd like to test theri cardiovascular fitness" too bad their weren't any womens' teams entered...

* How can smoking be enjoyable, especially when its' 95 degrees and the humidity is 99% ?

* Ladies, unless you wear about a size 2 shoe, please get rid of the French Tip pedicures, they make your toenails look like claws. Shades of red and pink are much, much more attractive. Leave the French Tips for your fingers.

* Guys, when the sun is bright enough to blind you, and you're getting a headache from squinting, please take your sunglasses off the visor of your ball cap and actually put them on your face... they might work better.

* Pregnant women should not wear bikini tops at a crowded athletic park full of kids... Even if you are a tri-athlete.

* And the 45 year old dad with his wife-beater T-shirt yelling "You Go Girl" to the 11 year olds, and chanting "Go Phoenix, Go Phoenix, Go Phoenix..." while rowing down the sideline was probably not as big an idiot as he looked.

* Kids love action and competition... parents seem much more concerned about winning and losing... while parenst talked strategy, the kids were off getting the free balls, candy and stickers from Snickers, Capri Sun, Kraft, and dozens of other local sponsors... Its' nice to have sponsorship, but kids' sports are over-organized. Late blooming athletes are cut out of the picture before they'll ever have a chance to get interested. It's a shame. Still, the volunteers do terrific work in giving a whole lot of kids a great experience. The kids loved it.

* It just makes me sad that bicycle gangs of 12 year olds heading to the local parks or school yards for day long pick up games are a thing of the past. Adult supervision is required at the parks and the school yards are fenced and locked. The only exposure most kids have to sports is through organized leagues with way too much parental involvement. Whoever calls that "quality time" is nuts. One Dad as the "all-time pitcher" or all-time quarterback" is plenty of parental involvement... where can the kids play without well-intentioned but obnoxious adults sitting in the stands screaming and making fools of themselves?


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