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Thursday, June 19, 2003

A Jewish Friend e-mails Dallas based writer Rod Dreher:

"If you're a World War II Polish Jewish pianist fighting for his life in a movie, people will give you an Oscar and rush to theaters to watch your story unfold. If you're an Israeli Jew fighting for his life for real, people will call you a murderer."

His bleak humor notwithstanding, none of this is a joke to my correspondent, who writes of Jewish friends and colleagues quietly making plans to emigrate to Canada, Australia and the United States. Jews and their institutions in France are being attacked by anti-Semites throughout the country, with Muslim thugs beating Jews in the streets and holding pro-Palestinian demonstrations at which they chant, "Death to the Jews!" The French establishment, especially the French media, prefers to look away or to perform a collective Gallic shrug.
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