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Monday, June 23, 2003

60 New Terror Warnings

Still following the Road Map, while still hoping for a miraculous change in Arab objectives:

Israel has received intelligence information warning of over 60 potential attacks against its citizens, Israel Radio reported Monday.

Over [Only] half of these alerts warn of attacks from Hamas. These potential attacks are in various stages of planning, and Israel forces are working continuously to prevent terrorist infiltration into the country.
But the director of the London-based Al Hayat daily, Jihad Khazen, who has himself mediated over the past few weeks between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, presented a bleaker picture of the general mood in Palestine and Israel.

“The peace process won't work, Hamas leaders are categoric,” Khazen said after recent contacts with Hamas political leader Khaled Mishaal, who is now based in Damascus.

“Yesterday my last attempts failed: They [Hamas leaders] said they haven't been defeated... Hamas' policy is that as long as there is occupation there will be resistance: Nothing was offered to them in exchange for stopping military operations and that is why they refused negotiations,” said Khazen.

He pointed to a lack of trust between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Mishaal and Palestinian Premier Mahmoud Abbas had never met each other until Khazen introduced them, very recently, Al Hayat editor said.


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