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Monday, May 19, 2003


The past two days ought to serve as announcement to the world on what the Arabs think of peace with Israel.

Five mighty Arab armies are soundly defeated in 1948, yet Israel still reaches out to them as neighbors. 1967, 1973, again and again the Arabs are soundly militarily defeated yet the Israelis still sought peace. Now the cowardly Arabs fight with terror in their continued struggle to wipe Israel from the maps. Killing people at a shopping mall... how courageous, how honorable.

It's time to stop talking with the Arabs about peace until they actually do something to prove their intentions are peaceful. Thirty days, ninety days, whatever... but they should be given a deadline to meet and NO violence should be accepted without real consequence.

The biggest fault in all of the peace initiatives during the past 55 years has been the denial of the possibility that the Arabs don't want peace. Diplomacy cannot be managed without good contingency planning and there is ample evidence that a likely contingency is the Arabs only want peace as one step in destroying Israel. So given the possibility that peace negotiations from the Arab side are disingenuous, what should be done?

When will we listen to what the Arabs have been telling us through their actions for 55 years? Taking reality into account when deciding what to do and how to proceed in any dialogue with the Arabs, is not saying that things are hopeless. It’s only hopeless if the truth is forever ignored while it destroys our dreams.


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