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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Let them Earn It

If there is to be a second palestinian state, we should not pay another dime for it. At least Six Billion Dollars of our tax money has been squandered by the Arabs. That's right we've given the Arabs $6,000,000,000 Capital B illion. Throw in what the Eunuchs and Saddam and the non-refugee Arabs have contributed, and there is more than enough to build a paradise in Jenin, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Gaza, and everywhere else they live. That is if you throw the will to do it into the mix.

The Arabs have no will to build anything in Judea Samaria or Gaza, they only have the will to murder the Jews who live there and the will to drive the Jews from their midst. I hear from the Arabs that they live with shame and humiliation every day, yet they refuse to accept that they've humiliated themselves and continue to do so, by subjecting millions of their own people to a miserable poverty stricken life. They've built nothing with what they have and what they’ve been given and can only talk about taking more from the Jews. They celebrate murders of Americans, and cheer American losses in combat. How do we respond? By giving them more freaking money! Fifty Million this time. It's outrageous. They don't deserve another dime. And they don’t deserve any of the legitimacy and credibility that we give them.

The Arabs have opposed every effort at peace for more than 55 years. Most Arabs have never backed off from their stance that Israel has no right to exist. The Arab block constantly adn continuously work against Israel and the United States in the United Nations. Yet we still pay them? It's insanity, plain and simple insanity.

We continue to give them money, and believe their rhetoric and demand more from our friends in Israel, and they continue to murder us and curse us. Does anyone really think that $6Billion more will change things? The Arabs have figured out that terrorism works. Unlike us, they look at our actions not our words.

We bluster on and on about fighting a worldwide War on Terrorism, while at the same time we continue rewarding the PLO for their terror. We appease Arafat, his terrorists and the rest of the Arabs with more payments and more legitimacy, and more pressure on Israel. We talk loudly and carry a twig when and where the Arabs are concerned. We believe their lies and ignore their actions. They ignore our speech and learn from our actions. Who are the crazy ones? We believe their blustering lies about their desire for peace while they blow up more kids and continue to preach and teach hate. We pay the price in money and lives only to see peace prospects disappear. And how do we react? We offer to pay them more? Who are the crazy ones?

The more they kill the more money they get. Saddam used to pay them, Saudi princes pay them, The EUnuchs pay them, and we Americans pay them. Hell, America even pressured Israel to pay them for the privilege of having her citizens murdered. The more htey kill the more hte world demands fo Israel. The closer the two sides seemingly come to a settlement for peace, [I say seemingly because the Arabs don't want peace,] the more Jews get killed, the more violence the Arabs use. And why not? We've shown them time after time that terror works works. We keep proving to them that violence brings more money and more concessions. Would someone at State PLEASEwake up and smell the freaking roses. Why would anyone expect a different outcome this time?

The naivety of my hope that this President would finally put a stop to the nonsense has been exposed.
If you can stomach getting irritated some more then go see this FrontPage article by Michael Harty.

If the Palestinian clamoring for the death of America is not enough to give us pause in our politically correct effort at transmuting their victim hood into statehood, then consider what kind of state would arise from such a nation of adolescents. A nation’s government spawns from the collective character of its people. The reason Islamic populations are run by bureaucratic thugs and princely despots isn’t because of America, it’s because the Arab-Islamic culture is amenable to tyranny. Remorseless indifference to another’s liberty has been their way since the first forced conversions to Islam by the conquering Arabians centuries ago. Under the emperor’s new clothes lurk human shields, the murder of apostates, clitoridectomies, forced marriages, and harsh physical punishments for blasphemy and adultery to name a few. The minaret dictates what clothes can be worn, what books can be read, what prayers can be said. In the Palestinian controlled areas, girls suspected of breaking moral codes or dishonoring the family are murdered. Hordes of men with guns blazing into the air call for the death of America, while the most dangerous times on the streets for ‘unbelievers’ is just after Friday ‘prayers’. When Palestinians are granted power, all their inherent Islamic ethnocentrism will be put into practice, and just as in other Muslim nations, there will be religious intolerance, social repression, political corruption, cultural prevarication and the perversion of truth. Is this the type of state we help to create?


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