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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Jackie Mason on Dems and The President
He hits the nail on the head with this one:

Somehow, the Democrats cannot understand how the cumulative effect of their constant attacks on George Bush has only succeeded in lowering their own popularity. They have moved from the roof of the building to the basement in the polls since they decided that President Bush is really an accidental president, whose only job is to wait to be thrown out of office. Every time they compete with him, he succeeds, yet they cannot believe that he actually knows what he is doing. They convince themselves that they are brilliant and the only reason they keep losing is that he is a dummy who just happened to get lucky again.

This is not the first time the Democrats made such a ridiculous mistake in their estimate of their opponent. They did the same thing with Ronald Reagan. They were just as irrational in their assessment of his intelligence as they are now in their estimation of George Bush's I.Q. However, this "dummy" has the same deceptive craftiness that derailed and dismissed the Democrats two decades ago. Since the Democrats relish the pleasure of looking down at George Bush, they never take the true measure of what they are up against. That is why they are so wantonly reckless in their attacks on him, like a mob of floundering zealots who are hitting everything except the target. As with Ronald Reagan, they have decided he is the wrong man for the job. No matter how irrational, absurd or even ridiculous their attacks, they think the people disrespect Bush as much as they do and so will buy their act. Fat chance. read the rest...


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