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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

It's election day in my city and we're choosing a new mayor. The choice is depressing.

On one hand there is the inexperienced son of a billionaire, Whiny Rich Kid and on the other is Corrupt Cop. I'll not be voting for the candidate of my choice since he was defeated in the primary. Instead I'll be voting against the cop who led a corrupt and often lawless police department. No need for congratulations, the vote will make me a racist in some circles.

So, instead of thinking of the depressing state of American politics, try this story on. The Exploding Snowman is Switzerland's answer to Grondhog Day.

When the snowman's head blew off - less than six minutes after the bonfire beneath it was lit - the 10,000 cheering Swiss holiday-goers knew the summer was going to be a good one.

It seems unlikely that the polite, precise Swiss would pin their hopes for a good summer on a snowman figure's exploding head.

But such is "Sechselauten" (SECTS-ah-loy-ten), Zurich's unlikely version of Groundhog Day, which combines elements of Nevada's Burning Man Festival with nearly two centuries of tradition - plus parades, all-night parties and a dash of feminist ire because women are excluded from the official festivities.
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