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Monday, May 19, 2003

Is there a Difference?

Dateline Cairo: the Jerusalem Post reports that Arabs are Lashing Out at Terrorist Groups. Ok, so it's not news, but this quote at the end of the article may enlighten us,

During a visit to one of the bombed Riyadh residential compounds Sunday, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri described the terrorist attacks as "a struggle between those who want Islam to be a universal, respected, just and moderate ... and a small group of people who want to depict Islam as (a religion of) murder, terror and destruction."
It looks to me as if the only difference between them is in method. Both have the goal to make Islam a universal way of life.

If Islam were not so connected with violence there would be much less cause for alarm, but it's not the case. Whether or not you believe in Huntington's Clash of Civilizations or not, the violence on the borders of Islam is plain to see. Maybe the recent attacks on Muslim countries are the beginnings of a separation of moderate Islam from its violent brothers. Time will tell.


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