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Friday, May 02, 2003

From the Beeb we see some,not at all surprising, news about our British/Muslim/ISM terrorists in an interview with their teacher.

The cleric, who founded the fundamentalist group in Britain, was not prepared to condemn the suicide bombing. "There is no way for me to condemn the self-sacrificing operation that took place in Palestine against occupying forces," he said.
Any Eunuchs, any ISMers, any peaceniks, and all Arab apologists, please note: A waitress, and a couple of guys playing the blues in an Israeli city at a beach bar are not "occupying forces, unless you deny the existeance of Israel. Why is there is no condemnation of the selfish, cowardly act? The simple fact is that the VAST majority of Arabs and most muslims have a different objective in the Middle East Peace process. How many more people will be killed in the name of peace before we finally take them for their word? When it comes to peace with Israel the Arabs cannot be trusted... the burden should be entirely on their shoulders to prove otherwise.


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