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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Arab News on Islamikazes


Human bombers are by their very actions extremists and fanatics. But the Palestinians are not fundamentalists or fanatics. They do not want to die; they want to live in peace in Palestine. The fact that fanaticism admits no nationality and that human bombers and Palestinians are self-evidently not one and the same thing could not have come at a more appropriate time for the new Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

He is under intense international pressure to crack down on the militants in order to move the peace process on. The British angle allows him to do it — and with the backing of most Palestinians who, while finding it difficult in the past to condemn those who sacrificed their lives attacking the Israelis, would of course be happier if such attacks never took place.

Abbas can do it because it is now clear to one and all that such killings are not part of a Palestinian national agenda.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's saying that, because the latest bombers were British, it proves that palestinian Arabs are peace-loving? What a load of crap. I come to an entirely different conclusion. It tells me that the threat from Islam can come from anywhere in the world. It shows me that Arabs have been so successful at using the refugee camps in the disputed territories to focus their hate on Israel and Jews, that even upper Middle class Brits decide to kill themselves for the chance at taking a couple of Jews with them. It shows me that there is something seriously wrong with much of the Islamic world that continues in its refusal to face its responsibility for spreading hate and violence. Yes, there are fanatics of every flavor, but it becomes more apparent every day that it is not just a small minority of Muslims who are fanatics.

Islamic fanatics are killing people all over the world, and when they're not killing they're spouting their anti-Semitic venom and anti-American hatred wherever they can find an audience... college campuses, anti-war demonstrations, CNN, NPR... Where, in all of this, are the voices of a moderate Arabs? Are there any who condemn the fanaticism, who condemn the violence, and who can face their responsibility for creating the environment that nurtures and spreads hate? Are there any qho can distinguish between a terrorist bomber and the soldier who is trying to stop them? Why must every "condemnation" of terror by an Arab have the clause "on both sides" added to it? What made these British citizens hate so much they decided to die for the chance to kill a Jew?

No, I don't think that the British bombers prove that the palestinians want peace. The Arabs want to destroy Israel, they've proven for 55 years that they care nothing for the refugees in the territories. For 55 years they've denied their failures and ignored reality. For 55 years they've done nothing to improve either the land the refugees occupied or the lives of those occupying the land in Gaza and the West Bank. For 55 years they've taught and spouted hatred of the Jews and denied the existence of Israel. For 55 years they've killed innocents in Israel, in Germany, in the United States.. anywhere there is a Jew. For 55 years they have repeatedly shown us they are not interested in peace.

The Road Map, like every other peace proposal, is doomed to failure. Too many Arabs and too many Muslims are not interested in peace. While the Friedman camp continues to insist that trading land for lives is the right thing to do, the Arabs show us they'd rather trade lives for land. To quote Golda Meir once again: We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

And please go read this by a Gotham soul speaking from a junk yard about the far-reaching threat of Islamic extremists.... and some not so extreme.


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