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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

What's the Solution?
From the Editors of the NYT:

The Bush administration is right to be alarmed and angry about Syria. There is reason to believe that both military equipment and potential suicide bombers have been sent from Syria for use in Iraq against American troops. Now, American officials are convinced that Syria is permitting Saddam Hussein's top lieutenants to escape across its border. As the United States begins to exercise its new role as godparent of a new, freer government in Iraq, it will have to figure out how to handle many hostile neighbors, starting with Syria...

...One of the biggest concerns facing American troops in Iraq is that a combination of suicide bombings and internecine warfare could paralyze efforts to stabilize the country. Syria helped engineer just such a nightmare for Israel in Lebanon in the 1980's by financing and arming Shiite Muslim groups. In addition, Syria has long given refuge to anti-Israel terror groups, like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It may also have an active chemical weapons program.

War against Syria, however, makes no sense.
So, what does make sense? I hope at least the threat of force has more meaning now than it did 3 months ago.


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