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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Some thoughts on Post War Iraq and the role of the UN

The Coalition of the willing should stand strong AGAINST giving France, Germany, Russia and the UN any meaningful role in rebuilding Iraq. The debate in the UN over the past months, and the debate in NATO during the same time should be seen as the simple choice it was

On one hand we saw the appeasers who blocked any threat of force to get Saddam Hussein to comply with the will of the rest of the world. Their vision of peace was as unrealistic as it was damaging to world peace. On the other hand was a small group with the courage to act to put some weight behind the empty resolutions of the UN.

Today's events show and the future will continue to show that the second group was right. The next tyrant who chooses to go against the UN will have a much different history to examine than did Saddam. That is unless we cave and lose our resolve.

If we allow the UN and the trio of France, Germany and Russia to save face by entering Iraq as the peacemakers and re-builders, then we will have lost the debate. We stand on the verge of a real New World Order if we maintain our resolve. Giving people who opposed the war the benefits of victors, without having sacrificed, would be contrary to the principles for which America fought the war. We have the chance to take a huge leap in changing opinions about America if we can truly stand for your principles and give the Iraqi's their freedom.

If we are successful, the desire for freedom will spread throughout the region. Partial success will mean failure, and too many cooks will spoil the broth. There is a role for the UN in coordinating contributions from member nations and for distributing humanitarian aid. But the Three Appeasers should have no role in the peace. It was largely aid from the French, Russians and Germans that kept Saddam in power. The weapons the trio provided helped murder hundreds of thousands of Arabs. Let's shine the light on those facts.

British and American companies should rebuild the infrastructure that the trio's money helped destroy. Britain and America should be seen as the liberators and the re-builders. If visible roles are given to the Trio they will continue their opposition to the US and will foment dissent among the Arabs causing us major problems in the peace.

As Iraq is rebuilt let's highlight which nations acted for peace and justice and which nations acted to allow tyranny, lawlessness and violence.

By the way: Update on Saddam is a hero.... his regime lasted 4 times longer than the French government did in 1940!


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