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Monday, April 21, 2003


Rachel Raskin-Zrihen is puzzled:

I realize that for a person with easily injured feelings, mine is a dangerous position to take in a public forum like a newspaper column. It is, after all, decidedly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, which means it's decidedly unpopular with most liberal thinkers, one of which I have been all of my adult life. I'm not, in fact, sure when it became right wing to support Israel and be pro-Jewish, but it definitely has, and this has thrown me out of my usual political orbit.

However, I can't help feeling that if someone doesn't speak the truth, those seeking to redirect history by warping it, will succeed, and everyone will lose, including those who either by design or deception, have adopted the lie as the truth.
The left has lost many, and will lose almost all of its intelligent progressive thinkers. Leftist ideology has become dogmatic in its anti-Americanism, it cannot serve their cause well. The lies the left spreads whether or not they believe them are all too common. One need only look at CNN's willingness to deliberately lie to the world so they are able to spread their anti-American, "progressive", and globalist views more efficiently. The only problem is that they are largely WRONG. Truly progressive thinkers are being driven from their ranks for non-conformity to their dogma, and labeled as NeoCons.

Vilification of NeoCons has morphed into the newest lefty dogma. They ignore the truth and constantly repeat lies in support of their dogmatic ideals. They tolerate no debate within their ranks. Some of the mainstream media, are in lock-step... spouting the lies of Saddam, the lies of Arafat, the lies of Jenin, the lies of Netzarim Junction.

I wonder, when did progressive thinkers in America turn their back on Jewish-Americans? Was there a seminal event?


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