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Thursday, April 03, 2003

More Arab Lies

From Arab News: Iraq dismissed as “baseless” a US statement yesterday that the Baghdad Division of the Republican Guards had been destroyed. “This is a baseless statement as the Baghdad Division is in command of the situation and it enjoys high morale to fight the enemy and destroy it,” a military spokesman said. He added that the division had not even suffered casualties in its engagement with US troops.

From Robert Fisk: (as far as I'm concerned hes' an Arab) How, I kept asking myself, could the Americans batter their way through these defenses? For mile after mile they go on, slit trenches, ditches, earthen underground bunkers, palm groves of heavy artillery and truck loads of combat troops in battle fatigues and steel helmets. Not since the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War have I seen the Iraqi Army deployed like this; the Americans may say they are “degrading” the country’s defenses but there was little sign of that here Wednesday.

From the Palestine Chronicle: An Iraqi military spokesman on Wednesday, April 2, repudiated claims about the destruction of the Baghdad division of the elite Republican Guard, as propagated by the U.S. Central Command.
"These allegations have no foundation and are part of the hostile campaign against Iraq," the spokesman told Agence France-Presse (AFP).
"To the contrary, the Baghdad Republican Guard division maintains its cohesion and has a morale of steel. It has not suffered any losses and is ready to confront the enemy and destroy it," he averred.

From the Command Post: Iraq's Information Minister Mohammad al Sahaf has denied US claims of progress in the war, arguing in fact the reverse is true.


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