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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Reprinted in the Jerusalem Post is this fictional letter, a poem of a suicide bomber:

My Dear Mother, ...I wrapped my body with determination, with hopes and with bombs.
I asked [reaching] towards Allah and the fighting homeland.

The [explosive] belt makes me fly, strengthens me to make haste.

I calm it [the explosive], we should stay steadfast, we have not yet reached [our target].
I freed/launched myself; I freed/launched myself, [detonated myself] like lava burning old legends and vanity, I freed/launched my body, all my pains and oppression, towards the packs of beasts...
I freed/launched, oh mother, freed the chains and the shackles.

And you found me rising and rising like a candle that was lit with precious olive oil.
And you saw me sending a loving kiss above the mosques and the churches, the houses and the roads.

Flocks of pigeons flew above the porches, and Al-Aksa smiled and gave me a sign that we will not sleep.

Dawn is close, oh mother, and it shall rise from the guns, from the shining spears. It will be lit from a bloody wound...
The wedding is the wedding of the land.
Sound a cry of joy, oh mother, I am the groom...
Any society that can produce people who see honor in mass murder is sick. A society that glorifies children who murder other children, deserves no legitimacy. Palestinian society, every day, shows it is incapable of administering itself, so please someone enlighten me..... why do "we" want to create a second palestinian state? It would simply make it easier for Arabs to kill Jews. How many dead today in Haifa? Does anyone really believe the Arabs want peace?


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