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Friday, March 21, 2003

Press coverage in this war has been outstanding thus far. The embedded reporters are getting a taste of military life and are gaining a better understanding of the men and women who sacrifice so much in our service. The reporters, too, are sacrificing in our service in many different ways. Caroline Glick's story is worthwhile reading. Reporting for the Chicago Sun-Times and Jerusalem Post, she writes:

For me, the main lesson from this odyssey is that to refer to the Middle East conflict as the Palestinian Israeli conflict is to ignore the truth.

The truth is that at its root the conflict is about the Arab world's obsession with rejecting Israel. Kuwait hates the Palestinians. The Kuwaitis kicked the Palestinians out of their country.

The way I was treated had nothing to do with Beit El or Netzarim. It has to do with Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and the Bible...

...Peace will be upon us when I can feel as safe and welcome at a five-star Kuwaiti hotel as I felt in the Kuwaiti desert with the US army.


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