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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

In discussing murder in the 101st Airborne Division, Daniel Pipes poses a couple of questions which are being largley ignored but deserve widespread examination. First, Why is a pattern of violence by American Muslims, being ignored?
On the surface it must first be determined whether Sgt. Akbar's violence was politically motivated, but as with previous acts the question is being ignored or swept under the rug. Given the strong possibility that his act was political, he becomes the metaphor for radical Islam in our country. (Update: He's a Nation of Islam convert. Perhaps NOI ought to be placed on the list of terrorist organizations. At the very least they should be considered suspect when issues of loyalty to the USA are involved)

We continue to ignore the possibility that great numbers of American Muslims want to see our system of government overthrown and replaced by Sharia. It's a fact that some members of the Religion of Peace feel that way, the only debate is how widespread the belief is. Judging by the ability of a small maosque in Brooklyn to raise milions of dollars for al Queda, one could argue that the number of American Muslims wishing to do us harm is quite large. Yet we welcome them in our pluralistic, tolerant society.

Although I believe in the freedom which allows them to thrive and grow, I believe we must find a way to deal with the growing number of muslims in America who seek to take those freedoms away. As Pipes closes:

... the enemy has already managed to "get into our camp." Do we have the will to stop him before he strikes again?


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