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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Comparing today's Peace Movement to the Peace Movement of the 1930's
Sam Schulman draws some striking parallels:

"And among those categories of people - the very nicest, the most thoughtful, the most progressive, those with the highest degree of social and moral conscience - it is not self-regard to count not only the cream of American Jewry, but probably the majority. It is not self-flattery, because the behavior of these people in the 1930s - signers of peace petitions, supporters of disarmament, idealistic Communists and socialists, New Dealers, members of the America First committee, supporters of the League of Nations - were "objectively" supporting Hitler, as George. How? They condemned "unilateral" efforts to compel him to obey the Versailles treaty (or unilateral efforts to stop Mussolini from invading Ethiopia) as warmongering; by believing in the efficacy of diplomacy - and even prayer - over preparing, they enabled Hitler to build up his arsenal and ready himself for total war - externally against free (but oh so flawed and immoral) countries, and internally against the Jews.

The Popes of the 1930s did - like the Pope of today would, alas, do - far more harm to the Jews because they wanted and wished for "Peace" than because of any anti-Semitic feelings they may have harbored."


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