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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Another view on Winning the Peace

Caroline Glick has another cut on the difficulties in the post-victory challenges for Americans in Iraq.

There is no doubt that the US will win the battle against Saddam's regime. The soldiers are committed and well trained. Their arsenal is deadly and accurate. But to win the war for the hearts of the Iraqi people, the US can not use the logic of the British Foreign Office.

This thinking is what guided British policy toward the Jews and Arabs in another pivotal war. Then, in 1939, while fighting valiantly against a dictator, the British signed away Jewish national aspirations in total contravention of their legal responsibilities to the League of Nations mandate in Palestine.

Blaming the Jews for Arab intransigence and violence, the British favored a Palestinian terrorist leader who collaborated with Hitler. Far from bringing stability to the Middle East or curbing Arab terrorism, the British approach encouraged instability and terrorism.

Julie Albrecht, like the tens of thousands of US soldiers in Iraq today, understands the connection between terror and tyranny and is willing to fight thousands of miles from home to prevent these diseases from once again threatening America.

One can only hope that the government they serve is not swayed by diplomatic tradition and maintains its commitment to bringing about a transition to freedom for Iraq, rather than the formation of yet another regime that justifies tyranny and backwardness by hating Israel.


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