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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Nonie Darwish a child of the Middle East and a proud naturalized American citizen:

I hope that my story will shed light on the truth in the Middle East to every American; especially to those who subscribe to the erroneous idea that U.S. policy in that region must have caused Islamic and Arab hatred of the West...
She explains further:
...I constantly felt that the God of Islam was always angry at us and there was a constant threat of Hell. We never discussed love and a large amount of time was devoted to the wars of Mohammed and how he won most of them. He and his followers would engage in wars with other tribes from Mecca and kill and loot their caravans. They did that for 20 years until Mohamed won and Mecca surrendered. As a child, the stories scared me. I am very appreciative that my mother never insisted on us to practice Islam and she had no hatred toward other religions.

The Middle East culture deprived me of my father, and left me and my siblings helpless orphans, with no emotional support from a cruel social structure. I grew up with anger. My trust of people and sense of security were shattered and I learned to question anything and everything, starting with the Arab hatred of Jews. The Moslems' hatred of Christians came next after Jews. I guess there were too many Arab Christians and perhaps the idea was, take one at a time; get rid first of Jews, then Christians.

Christians were commonly called "Blue Bone." I never knew what that meant, but I do know that it meant something bad. When I grew up and finished college I could not stay in this society any longer. My love of life won and I refused to fall into the cycle of hate and live in a society with clashing contradictions. The culture that does not have enough value for life will not have value for people to get together to advance their economic and social condition. That is why most Middle East and Moslem countries are economic basket cases. Thank God a country called the United States opened its arms to people from all across the world, and I was honored to immigrate to the U.S. over 23 years ago and become a part of this great nation.
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