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Friday, January 10, 2003

"The Devil Made me do it" Geraldine, aka Flip Wilson
This logic astounds me, especially coming from a, presumably, intelligent man. From, Ghassan Khatib, the palestinian Authority's Minister of Labor, says about prospects for peace (specifically the new Road Map):

The first problem is that any new negotiations engagement over substantive issues must, according to the road map, be preceded by two impractical preconditions: Palestinian success in carrying out security tasks and Palestinian success in reform. While Palestinians themselves want to be successful in these two tasks, their success has been intentionally made difficult (if not impossible) by the nature of ongoing Israeli practices designed specifically in a way that inspires new Palestinian violence and prevents any reform progress. The Quartet has missed the crucial point that a balanced first phase would have concurrently addressed violence committed by both sides, while requesting simultaneous Israeli military withdrawal from Palestinian areas occupied since September 2000 and Palestinian reforms.
In other words, "those darned Israelis just make us blow ourselves up! It's the Jews' fault!" Read more....


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