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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

22 victims, 6 countries, one tragedy
Mordechai Evioni, 52
Andrei Friedman, 30
Hannah Haimov, 53
Haim Meir, 74
Avi Kotzer, 43
Ramin Nasibov, 25
Staff Sgt. Mazal Orkobi, 20
Ilanit Peled, 32
Viktor Shebayev, 62
Boris Tepelshvili, 51
Sapira Shoshana Yulzari-Yaffe, 46
Amiram Zamoura, 55
Lilia Zibstein, 33
Li Fei Chong, 41, from China
Angelov Kosmov, 32, from Bulgaria
Steven Arthur Cromwell, 43, from Ghana
Ivan Gabtaniak, 46, from Ukraine
Ion (Nelu) Nicolae, 35, from Romania
Mihai Sabau, 39, from Romania
and 3 not yet identified.......
Then there are the wounded... One hundred eleven people. Five critically wounded, and two "very critical" have had their lives shattered senselessly. The surviving families and friends, too, are experiencing senseless pain. Please remember them all.

Imagine a bomb exploding in the food court of a mall you've visited. (a little visual help from Gil) Outrage would not be a strong enough word.


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